2020 Survey Results of 13K Staged Homes

What are the primary benefits of home staging?

It will maximize the selling price of your home. Staged homes tend to sell more quickly, which means less stress, fewer open houses, and a first step toward the packing process. Staged homes also sell for more money: Real estate agents are likely to show it to a greater number of potential buyers.

Some floor plans can be very confusing to a potential buyer. Identifying the space and giving it a function and personality with furniture, eliminates the confusion.  Buyers have a difficult time visualizing how their belongings will fit into an empty space. Staging a house for sale provides a sense of scale so prospects can better judge the size of the rooms.

Why choose an ASP (Accredited Staging Professional)?

Home Staging by Julie holds ASP status and has access to ongoing training. This ensures that ASPs stay at the cutting edge of home staging techniques. An Accreditation is the HIGHEST form of training in the Staging world. It is higher than a certification or just a designation – and an Accreditation has to come from a school – Staged Homes is recognized as a school in all the states that it is taught.

Still not sure if home staging is for you?

There’s one last piece of evidence to suggest it’s worth considering, as indicated in the chart below: 94.6% of homes staged by ASP certified stagers sold in 23 days or less.