Staged Living Room with Couch and Throw Pillows


My first experience with a real stager: Julie and her assistant appeared and went to work. The house is an antique, dark, old, empty. They transformed it into a home that is acceptable TODAY! You would do well calling Home Staging by Julie!

— Althea Bramhall

Julie was great, I would recommend her for home staging and would use her again.

— Spencer Shuman

It was a pleasure working with Julie. She has great ideas and she’s very easy to work with. My house looks amazing.

— Joann Mcavoy

We worked with Julie twice and we were very happy with the results. Very clean and she has a lot of knowledge in interior design.

— JFC Pros

Julie is a fantastic home stager who has helped several of my sellers stage their homes resulting in them receiving top dollar when selling. I would recommend Julie’s services whether home staging or organizing. She is great!

— Michelle Haggstrom

Julie is so easy to work with and had wonderful ideas to make our home more appealing. We would recommend her and definitely work with her again.

— Jean Laasko

I enthusiastically recommend Julie to anyone who needs help organizing or reducing clutter. She really saved us by helping my granddaughter reduce the massive number of things in her apartment to what she could fit in her car to take home. This was an incredibly difficult task and she completed it with good humor and efficiency. She took countless trips to the recycle and thrift shops, carrying everything herself and cleaned up the apartment when she was finished. She had a tight time frame to work with and it was absolutely amazing what she was able to accomplish. I would hire her again in a heartbeat.

— Tanya Schmieler

I met Julie through the North Central MA Chamber. We were a good match to work together, and I am happy to say Julie worked perfectly on my latest listing. My client was a single man and he needed to get the best price in the shortest time. With Julies expert eye and advice he did almost everything she suggested and the house sold in 30 days-well below the market average of 128 days! She is not forceful or aggressive and works well with sellers and other Realtors. I would definitely recommend her and will continue to work with her in the future!

— Denise Wortman, Realtor at Exit New Options Real Estate

I have known Julie for many years through various Chamber networking events. Julie is a true professional extremely knowledgeable in her profession. She is a honest and hardworking woman who helps her clients from start to finish. Julie is well known and respected in the community and is always ready to lend a hand. I recommend Julie most enthusiastically.

— Allyson Chalapatas

Hi! I sure do think about all the amazing work you did for and with me! I’m wishing you were here in CO, because I still don’t have my bedroom set right.

I hope you and yours have a wonderful Holiday season.

Miss your energy!

— Sam, Owner, Daystar Designs

Julie Millar of Home Staging By Julie is absolutely one of the best home stagers I have had the privilege to work with! She has a fantastic creative eye and an understanding how to show a room in its best light. I have had the opportunity to work with Julie on many of my listings, and she always connects well with the client, walks them through the decluttering and staging elements in an easy to understand manner, with a great action plan following the consultation. I can truly recommend Julie to anyone in need of her services, highly and without reservation. I look forward to working with Julie of many years to come.

— Kurt Thompson, CRS, CBR, LMC | Broker Associate / Team Leader of The HomesJustForYou Team at Keller Williams Realty North Central

Although we initially felt overwhelmed by the amount of items that Julie said we should remove to stage our home properly; as we worked on it, we could see that her advice made perfect sense. It made a huge difference in the appearance of our home.

— Shirley Brake

It was too cold and windy to go outside, so I took the list we made and started in. Move that cluttered curio and bureau from the cramped bedroom, for one thing and moved furniture in the living room. Toward the end of the day I was moving paintings and lamps, ha ha. Much better! Thank you so much for your expertise!

— Joyce

I met Julie at a business social event (she was with a friend who is a realtor that she does stagings for) and we got to talking about what she does. When she told me about her other services around organization, room staging for functional living, decluttering and even hording, I made a note that I wanted to work with someone like that.

I have issues with Executive Functioning (a form of ADHD) that makes me very inefficient but at the same tim obsessed with saving everything. I keep papers “just in case” and have piles of knick knacks (with no function) from across the globe.

My father passed away in August and in the process of resettling my home (he had lived with my family for the past 6 years) that had become chaotic due to my father’s care needs in the final months of life. I kept throwing anything and everything into his room to avoid facing the emotional and physical task of addressing the mess. (For the record, orderly housekeeping has never been a strong trait of mine!)

I contacted Julie and told her my situation. She assured me that she could help me and that I could get through this. I made 3 appointments with her, cancelling the first 2. I finally summoned the courage and we had our first session.

Julie is FANTASTIC. She showed up on my doorstep with no idea of what my situation looked like. She immediately made me feel so comfortable and able to let down my guard and embarrassment. I assumed we’d meet that day and then make a plan — but she was ready to roll up her sleeves and help me dig in.

In a 6 hour session Julie was able to help me go through everything; trash, Dad’s things, items in non-sensical places. I thought I wouldn’t be able to deal with things until my siblings could look at Dad’s things too – but Julie helped me find a safe and out of the way place to store those items — everything else was given a bucket – keep, donate, & trash. Before the day was out my father’s room was immaculate and my kitchen was spotless!

For the first time, EVER, Leo and I sit at our kitchen table for dinner — and are delighted to do so. The feeling of accomplishment is like nothing I’ve ever felt. Julie didn’t just help me clean up — she talked me through how to maintain the order and not percieve a little upset as a total failure.

I am so looking forward to working with Julie again. I still have some spaces to clean up / clean out / organize and I am planning to work with Julie to evaluate how I can better “stage” my home so that they are pleasing to the eye, but also functional AND designed to make keeping things in their rightful place easy. Leo is looking forward to getting some space back too!

Five stars. 10/10. Definitely recommended.

— Maribeth Janssen